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Gibson US2 Damaged - info requested


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I've got what I think is a Gibson US2. It has a strat style body with Floyd Rose locking trem and explorer type headstock. I cant seem to find any info on the model and am not sure if its of any real value as I picked it up second hand quite a few years ago.


It unfortunately took a tumble and headstock has broken behind the locking nut.


I was wondering if the guitar is worth enough to warrant having it repaired.


Guitar played and sounded great so I don't really want to scrap it for parts.


Any info, advice & feedback would be appreciated.





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I agree. In this case, the cost of repairing the headstock might get close to the value of the guitar, but if you think it played and sounded great but dont want to scrap it for parts, then why should you?


I made that mistake once. After breaking my first ever guitar and discovering that to get if fixed wold cost more than the guitar did new, I just bought another guitar. Big mistake. I came to regret it, and a year later I had it repaired and am in love all over again.

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Thanks for the feedback, I did a bit of searching and have found a couple of good repairers. and am taking it in to get looked at so I'm 99% sure its gonna get a new lease of life.


I still haven't found any info about the US2 though so if anyone knows anything about them, I'd be interested in hearing it.



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Hey! Sorry to hear about the accident, that must have really sucked...

I found this info from a site called zuitar or something.


--> Part of the US Series

--> Available between 1987 - 1990

--> Finishes: Ebony, Red, Green, Blue (All with white pinstripe)

--> Pickups: 2 Single Coil Bill Lawrence (Neck/Middle), 1 Bill Lawrence Humbucking Pickup (Bridge)

--> Body: Basswood

--> Neck: Mahogany

--> Fingerboard: Ebony

--> Number of Frets: 24

--> Scale Length: 24.75"

--> Options: Set Neck, Dot Inlays, Streinberger Locking Vibrato, Grover Tuners, Chrome/Black Hardware, Three Pickup On/Off Toggle Switches, One Volume (Pull/Push) & One Tone Control


** 1988 Changes: Limited Edition Released (probably part a Showcase edition), Floyd Rose Locking Vibrato **


This model is also referred to as U-2. It was a cheaper version of the US-1.


Note: I saw some pictures of a red U-2 with cream (could have been white) binding.


You probably know most of the stuff I wrote but that's all I could find with a quick search (and I hope that this info is valid).

Can I ask a couple of questions?


1) What is the neck profile like (does it feel like a really thin -yuk- D profile)?

2) What size do the frets seem to be?

3) Is the Gibson inlayed or silk screened?

4) Is the neck joint standard or is it contoured or whatever thats called?


Thanks in advance, and I hope everything works out well.


One love

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Thanks isoto,


Decided to give it a full restore. Long story but was damaged due to spousal abuse and then got some water damage where it was left so I needed to strip it bare and start from scratch.


Anyway its been fully stripped. I spoke with repairer who is confident of doing an invisible repair and I'm dropping it off tomorrow. I'll post some pics once I get it back.


In regards to what it is, it was black all over, no bindings, the logo was screen printed so I'm pretty sure it was US-2. Had a floyd rose with gibson logo.


Frets appear to be jumbo, not sure about the neck neck joint.


I had a les paul previously, neck is wider and flatter on the US2, good to play, not sure if its D profile, but it's definately not yuk to play. Could handle a low profile, with no buzz & intonation was always perfect. Pickups could pe set out of faze so heaps of different tones could be achieved,


Looking forward to getting the old girl back and playable. Not sure what I'm goint to do finish wise, but was thinking of getting in done in a gibson sunburst just for something unusual, tired of the black anyway.



Thanks again

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