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Hi, new here, and greetings from the land of kangaroos and wombats...

For ages I've been searching for an answer to this question: In 1968 I bought a brand new Les Paul Custom which had no "Les Paul" written anywhere on the body. The truss rod plate had just "Custom" written on it.
I know it was an authentic Gibson because I damaged the neck pickup and had to send the guitar to the 'Gibson people' in Sydney (I ive in Adelaide, some  800 odd mls from there) because in those days they were the only people authorised to repair Gibson guitars, or had the spare parts to do this. Well, two weeks later, to my delight, the guitar arrived back with a new pickup installed.

Does anyone know anything about this particular peculiar model?


Mauri Berg. 

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I don't think here is anything particularly unusual about you guitar, although some photos of it might be nice.  Because it is a custom there should be a large diamond shaped inlay on the headstock where the Les Paul signature would be on a Standard model.  None of the customs would've had the name Les Paul on them.  Here is a photo of mine (not a 1968), but yours probably looks very similar:


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Thank you for your reply, 'Twang Gang'!

Your guitar looks identical to mine except mine had those black 'witch hat' knobs.
Unfortunately I sold the guitar quite a few years ago, and have no idea where it is now. 

On a bit of a side note, after I sold the Les Paul I move onto a 1962 L Series Sunburst rosewood fretboard Strat which my wife gave me for my 30th birthday as a surprise present. I just about fell over when I opened the case and saw what was inside, "a real one' I said! That was in 1975...and I wish I had kept it (as well as the Les Paul), one here in Oz recently sold for just under $AU35.000.

Anyway, thanks again,

Mauri Berg.

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