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Trying to confirm what year this guitar is...


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Hi there. My significant other passed away recently and he had a couple of guitars. I am trying to confirm the year of this one. It is a Gibson Custom Silver Burst and the serial number is CS 98234. I did a search on a website and it came back as a 2008 or a 2018. I know it is not a 2018, so it has to be a 2008. The problem I have is that everything I have read says the first number is the year, so wouldn't that make it a 2009? I would greatly appreciate if someone could confirm this for me. Thank you for your time. 




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First off, my condolences for your loss.  That had to be a very difficult time for you.

AFAIK custom shop serial numbers don't follow the standard Gibson Serial Number formula.  Your best shot,  if no one here can help, (and my guess is someone can) is to email or call Customer Service.  They will be your best source for answers if nothing comes along here.

best wishes,


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Jen, I can't even imagine what a loss like this is like.  

This forum is a very helpful place with a lot of very well versed experts.  It may take a few days for one who has more knowledge of Custom Shop models than I do to see your post.

A call to Customer Service would provide you with any details you need.  They're usually spot on.

Also, you may want to try putting this in the lounge too, that's where it will get the quickest visibility.  Here: https://forum.gibson.com/forum/69-the-gibson-lounge/

Take care..


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