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Aria 335 copy volume pot question


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Sorry, I know this is off topic but I am desperate and hoping one of you guys might know. 

I have an Aria ES 335 made in Korea knock off (80's / 90's) which I stupidly broke a volume pot shaft getting the knob off tonight. Typical 335 config, 2 tone controls, 2 volumes, 2 HB pick ups.
My problem is there appears to be no ohm value on the pot? It's one of those small dime size pots like you get in the Epiphones. Would anyone know or care to guess what size it would be so I can order another. At the least does anyone know what ohm value are the volume pots in the Korean Epi Dots, Sheratons etc
Many thanks in advance
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for Humbuckers, I'd try 500k.  I have a bud who is pretty expert on MIK Aria's, I'll shoot him an email


got an answer for you.

I would assume that it would be a 500k pot.  Some folks say that the dime-size ones aren’t as good as the large quarter-size pots, but honestly, I never saw any difference.  If the guitar was made by Samick, and most of the better ones were, they would have used Alpha pots, and they’re as good as anything out there. Hope that helps. 

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