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Fun story, sorta!


Had both of my electrics for sale and both sold the same day by chance.. not good. since i have a gig this weekend. My replacement guitar wont be in til Monday.


Soooo, i went to pawn shop to get something to hold me over. Found a 2017 Gibson Firebird Studio T. ...beat to HELL but for only $500. I take it home, get it set up and the fretboard is separating from the neck something fierce. Luckily, I foresaw something like that happening and made the pawn shop promise i could return it if there was a structural issue.


Problem is, i LOVED how it played once i got it setup.  So i took it back, and ordered one for not much more but in better condition.


Still doesnt solve my problem for this weekend, but I will figure something out. Borrow a friends guitar or something..


INCOMING NGD!!! pretty stoked. First decent gibson electric ive ever had. I never even gave firebirds the time of day before now!




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