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Great Les Paul! Not so great Amp.


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Hey!  I'm new to this forum, and new owner of a beautiful Les Paul.  Unfortunately...I didn't do much research prior to buying my amp.  Ended up with a Marshall MG30FX Gold.  I'm struggling getting my LP to sound great through it, but still playing around with tones.  I'm hoping to land that perfect blend of bass, mids, and treble so I can at least get a great sounding clean channel prior to loading up with pedals.  Glad to join the forum here...if anyone has some tips on making this amp sound better (other than destroying it, or abandoning it for a new one), send them my way!  I sold my old Vox 15 watt solid state amp a few months back...thought I was upgrading, but that thing destroyed this Marshall in sound quality.

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Hey Anton

the MG Gold Series I think are the new line of what was once the Vavlestate Amps, and I recall those were a bit limited.   So is it that you are not able to dial out the harsh / sterile sounds?  too much honk (mids)? just not warm sounding??   That would be similar in nature to what I remembered with the Marshall Valvestate amps.  They just didn't have  a warm inviting sound.

I'm sure you've gone thru the "everything at 12 o'clock" as a starting point.

So if I may inquire, any refund period still available to you?  if you want to stay with Marshall, you might find the DSL series a bit more compatible to what you're  looking albeit for a bit more $. DSLs are Marshall tube amps, but not UK made, (AFAIK they are made in China.)  If that makes any difference to you, maybe not, b/c the one you have was probably a far east import too.

Not sure what your situation is, or if you bought online or not.  If you can return it, that may be the way to go forward.  Just find something else... These may just not be for you..  any decent stores in your area where you can take your guitar and test drive a few candidates?

Hope you can sort it out..



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Thanks for your response!  I did some research on the pickups that come on my guitar, and pretty much just tweaked tone on amp and guitar as well as really dialed in the pickup height and pole pieces and have been able to get the sound I was looking for.  I've got a good clean tone now and a good overdrive tone right out of the amp.  Can't say the other digital effects will be used though.  They definitely seem a bit weak.

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