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What is the reson for the differce between the oblong yellow  labels and the oval orange labels?

I have a 2018 "Traditional" Memphis 335 with a yellow label, that I bougt 'pre loved' (to be honest, I think that they loved it so much that they hadn't bothered playing it at all and sold it! -  it still has the plastic on the pick guard, with out a scratch.). Other photos of 335s I have seen have oval orange labels.

I hope you can enlighten me.



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Can't recall ever seeing a "oblong yellow" label.  The orange oval is what they usually are.  It could be that the guitar you have was a special run and thus the label is different, or they ran out of the usual orange the day they built yours and put a different one in?  A photo or two of the yellow label might help as maybe others have seen it.

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