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Price and overall quality of a 1985 Dove?


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I know every guitar should be based on it's individual merits, and don't like to lump guitars tougher and define them all  good or bad based on the era it was made, but I'm wondering what a near-mint Gibson Dove from 1985 is worth these days? Looks like Ren Ferguson joined Gibson in 1986, a year after this one was made. What should one expect as far as overall construction, type of bracing, how tru to the originals, etc. of a Dove from this year? Would this just be a shell of it's former incarnations from the past, or are these the real deal? Thanks in advance!


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I believe in 1985 Gibson was still owned by Norlin, before Henry bought the company and before Ren was involved. As I understand it, all production at that time was in Nashville. Generally speaking the Norlin era was not known as Gibson's finest hour.

Others here will know more than I do about this.

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