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I count five guitars.

Are those the ones you have or a combination of the ones you have and the ones you want?



The ones I have... I only use the std. faded and the tele... the others are in their cases waiting for a complete cleanup' date=' restring, setup and everything else (epiphone, american strat, les paul studio). The ja-90 is still in the box!default_eusa_wall.gif Somehow I don't get time to play lately so the toys are away... I have the std. faded at hand and the tele on its case but at hand so when I get like 30 "free minutes" I play them, well, mainly the lester. I will probably sell my tele next week... a guy is offering me way more than what I paid for her so I am seriously considering to sell her.


I'll try to take some pics and post them next week.

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