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Bad Floyd


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I have read that there are huge differences in Floyd Rose systems.

The best ( so they say ) Is the Schaller made in Germany.

Most Floyds say licensed by Floyd Rose and can be made by dozens of companies. Most of which use

sub-par material that can rob you of sustain, have tuning probs etc.


I took my Floyd off of the Charvel. On the block it says the US patent number and the number 37

No where does it say made in Germany, which I was told to look for.


Have any of you fellas had problems with no so good Floyd sytems? Im seriously thinking of spending

the money on a Schaller.

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Never was a huge fan of the original Floyd. I find the Edge trems (floyd-style) in some of the Ibanez guitars

very slick and less cumbersome than the Floyds though. Kahlers I'm not too familiar with, so I couldn't comment on them.

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