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Gibson Songwriter Cutaway Acoustic electric preamp issues

Disandra T

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Good morning, 

Yesterday I was at my second gig with this recently purchased Gibson Songwriter Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar (with Case) (New, Antique Natural)

Right before the gig I trued to use the tuner and the guitar preamp locked with all lights on. I was using my Xvive wireless sustem. So I disconnect that right away and no change. I had to remove the battery and re insert the battery to get the preamp back to normal. I did not use the in build tuner no more as I was worried about it locking up again.  Any one ever had this problem before??? I have about 15 guitars and never seen this before. Anyone had similar issues before? Please let me know. 


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Hi Disandra,

I have a 2016 Songwriter Cutaway with the Fishman Prefix Plus T system. I have not experienced the issue that you are having, however my preamp unit is loose between the bezel and preamp and has developed a harmonic vibration that is extraordinarily annoying. Unplugged it's an irritating buzz, plugged in it is picked up through the preamp and broadcast through my PA system. I found that a small strip of fabric inserted between the bezel and preamp provides a buffer between the bezel and preamp and generally eliminates the problem. The reason I mention this is that I have been in touch with Fishman directly and they were very responsive and willing to provide me assistance if and when I decide to take the unit apart and send it back for checkup and repairs. I contacted them directly via their website. 

In my case - I am very partial to this guitar and am unwilling to take the preamp out and have the guitar rendered somewhat useless while I am awaiting the repair so when I get the chance I plan to order all the parts to completely replace it. This way I can do it myself and have control over the process. 

The point being - I would encourage you to contact Fishman. They seemed to be very eager to assist. Perhaps they may even have a local shop where you can have it checked. 

Good luck - I'd be interested to see how you resolve the problem. 


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