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It was1969 in haight asbury and we rented a flat at 439 cole st for 200 bucks a month.Went to walk the dog in the panhandle one morning and up walks a guy carrying a guitar.hey man you wanna but a guitar?He gives me a line of BS of needing meds for his diabetes. A pretty strait looking dude for the times so I said what do ya have? Now I have a cheap spanish guitar so when he opened the case and I saw GIBSON on the headstock I thought no way. When he said 35 bucks or about the price of an oz of ??? WELL any morrales I might of had of it being stolen never crossed my mind.He looked like he should be in a barber shop quartet and said he'd hitchhiked from so. cal and needed his meds so now Iv'e had it for 50+ yrs. Had a knife wound on the front or so he said. Had it professionaly restored at wooden music in Chi years ago;one of my idiot roomates set it too close to a woodstove and bubbled the finish! Painted it rattle can purple after that then 10 yrs ago got on youtube and learned how to put a sunburst finish on her!Wish I knew how to post pics but it turned out quite nice. He said it had belonged to someone in creedence clearwater who we could go see on sunday at the Haight Street theater for 50 cents.I let him crash at our place for a couple days and then he left with some of our meager belongings.Ah the hipster doofus days-you had to be there!!

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Cudos for remembering that story considering the time and location.  To post pics sign up for a free hosting sight (I use Imgr), download the photos to that sight and then they can easily be copied and pasted into a thread here.

I remember Wooden Music in Chicago - I think it is gone now?  But I might be wrong.  Spent many years in Buffalo Grove, so know Woodstock, Il pretty well.

Here is an SJ-200 I just bought a couple months ago for finish comparison:


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She’s a beauty 😎 I’ll post pics when I figure out how?afew cans of spray tinted laquer from StewMac and a YouTube lesson and now I have a great looking old git! Still trying to figure out date of manufacturing-serial# 901760-some sites say 68 others differ ?? Thanks Cary 

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