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ES 135 Pickup Heights


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There's no factory spec if that's what you mean. There's some conventional wisdom but it's mostly player preference. I set my neck pickup about as high as it will go without the low E slapping it on a windmill strum (a c*nthair lower than the 22nd fret), then I raise/lower the bridge pickup to match the volume when I switch between the 2.


Hope this helps

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I read somewhere that there was a "factory spec" or at least a standard setting that most repairmen went by. I read, and have adjusted my pickup height on my Gibsons (ES 330, ES 335, ES 335) at the following:


While holding the 1st and 6th string at the last fret, the distrance from the bottom of the string to the Neck Pick Up should be 3/32", the distance from the Bridge Pick Up should be 1/6"!


Here is a link to the Gibson page where it is posted:



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