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Hello all. My name is josh im 39 years old. I have recently inherited a "GA-55-RVT and i know nothing about it other than it was completely refurbished before my friend passed. every ounce of knowledge is appreiciated. i have heard that this is aBAD *** amp. sin memory of my friend i wanna learn how to get the most out of the tone i know it has so i can crank it up loud and clear for my buddy in heaven. 

I have a digitech rp90 multi effects pedal. instructions say to set eq on amp to flat? any thoughts on that and what would flat eq settings on this amp be?


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Usually, flat on a stereo amp is 0, and then you can dial left to go lower and right to go up. Flat on a guitar amp would probably be the EQ (treble, mid, bass) set at 5, i. e. half the way up. Huh. Funny, never thought about what constitutes flat on a guitar amp. 

But start from there and play around with it. 

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