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Curious about the LG-2


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I am looking at picking up a new Guitar and the LG-2 has my interest  (not the Banner re-issue its above my budget) but I can never find one in my areas to check out. I am interest in anyone's experience with and thought on the model. I am mostly a strummer but working on fingerpicking, just play at home and at maybe with a couple of friends. Not a gigging guitarist by any means. I currently have a Gibson Southern Jumbo Modern Classic and a Martin 000-15M Burst. I would love the hear how the LG-2 would fit as compared to these two models. I don't really need a guitar that sounds like other that I already have.



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Your Martin will certainly sound more mellow than an LG-2, but I ended up ditching the two vintage ones I owned because I felt frustrated by the muted tone of the bass E string. Seems the thump went away right at that string.  Both were otherwise awesome guitars.  You'll have a good barometer and comparison point in the SJ bass end, and while I know they are vastly different instruments, when you A/B the two the LG-2 might sound similar in a Gibson way, but quieter.  I prefer the L00. Check that out in the mix if you can.

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