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Epiphone Lucille Buying Advice


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Hi All,

After a bit of guidance please!

I'm looking at buying a second hand Lucille, currently around £350 (no case) but I think I could haggle down on, it's a 2009 model, so I imagine one of the last Korean ones?

Concerns are that although the buyer claims it to be stock and unmodified, visually it has the following:


- Scratchplate missing the E logo (not the end of the world)

- Black plastic truss rod cover vs. the gold

- No T6 bridge, standard hard tail and tune-o-matic like on a sheraton (the biggest alarm bell)


Can anyone confirm if this could be a genuined stock model given these differences? Either way if I can get it for £300 it still seems a lot of guitar for the money, but just uneasy if it's not legit!


All help appreciated thank you!



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The E falls off and I hate that. I set one on a shelf but lost it for 3 years to find it stuck to the bottom of a web cam the cat knocked down. As long as it doesn't cost an arm and a leg I don't mind dropping it in the mail for you. I can stick it to a sheet of paper and put it in a standard envelope. I can take a photo of it to make sure it's the right one. 

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