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Hi all


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Just singed up .... owner of a 2012 studio in cherry red 

from new zealand and have been back into it with the lockdown and getting my jam on

also after advise on where to go to as looking at getting a 2007 les paul standard off a site here in nz (honey burst)

with it being at the other end of the counrty is there any way of checking its authenticty apart from serial number

by photos 


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“Authenticity” meaning that you are worried it might be fake? I would ask for high res close up photos of the instrument, but you need to know what to look for. If you aren’t familiar with factory construction details (like tooling marks) it would be difficult for you to be certain.

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This web forum is frequented by a lot of fellows who can tell a fake from the Real McCoy. 
It's common practice for visitors from around the world to come here and ask for advice. 

If you are able to post photos of the guitar (provided by the seller, or nicked from a Craigslist advert), you will get a lot of quality opinions in very short order. 

Welcome aboard, by the way. 

I have a 1996 Studio that was a beast. 
Loved that guitar!


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