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need help IDing SG Special

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Hello! This is the first Gibson I've ever owned. It is a Black SG Special. I used a couple serial number sites and its saying my guitar is either from 1976 or 7 (because of the two zeroes) and the "made in usa" stamp or itd saying its from the 28th January 2005. It says if it were 1976 or 7 the number (beggining in two zeroes) would be a "decal" which I wouldnt call a decal? Its pressed on, but it also said if it is 1976/7 it would have "made in usa" stamped which it does! Please help thank you.


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It should be a 2005. Gibson used the oval decal for three years, 1975, 1976 & part of 1977. Sometime in 1977 they went to the eight digit stamped number, using the first and fifth digit to designate the year. These are some of the easiest guitars to date by serial number.

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