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I clicked on introduce yourself so here I am. My name is Robert Jacobson, I will be 72 years old this month. Taught myself initially to play guitar when I got drafted into military service during the Viet Nam war. While most of the other guys in my barracks spent 99% of their time getting drunk and chasing hookers I learned to play guitar, not that there is something wrong with doing the latter. Anyway, at the end of 1972 I returned home from Southeast Asia and bought a new black Gibson Les Paul custom with the "fretless wonder" neck. Paid $500 for it out the door. I still have that guitar with the finish worn through on the back of the neck in places. Tried out a few Fender guitars but never liked them, I just don't care for bolt on necks. Made a living playing for quite a few years always with Gibson guitars and Marshall amps. Had a 100 watt Hiwatt stack for about 25 years, played it once, sold it on Ebay about six months ago. I have accumulated about thirty Gibson guitars over the years. I still have nine 4x12 Marshall cabinets and seven Marshall 100 watt heads, two plexi's, a couple master volumes, and the rest just straight out super leads. My newest one is a 1977. I try to play every day but sometimes miss a day or two. Mostly play my Gibson J50 acoustic I bought used in 1973. I don't know what year it was made, just didn't care. I still enjoy playing and can still hold my own, when I can't I'll probably quit so I won't embarrass myself. Never used any pedals, just straight from the guitar to the amp. Wait, I did use a cry baby in the late seventies for a while. I remember, can't remember who said it, but whoever it was said," you want better tone? learn to play better". I truly believe that. What brings me here? I don't tire discussing Gibson guitars and maybe I might have the answer to someone's question. Onward thru the fog!

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Hello Robert and Welcome to the Forum. Nice to have you join and you will fit right in here with like minded people. Great story too. There are many here around your age and those that play in bands.   People love talking about Gibsons here so hope you enjoy your stay. 

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