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Waylon Payne technique


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I don't know if this has been posted. To my ears, this is about as good as a guy with an acoustic guitar can sound on a strummy song. He seems to be doing all of this with his badass thumb. He must have one helluva callous. Also, one of the best guitars of all time for strummy. And... a pro crew with acoustic expertise.

Son of Connie Smith, old country star married to Marty Stuart now. She was married to Jody Payne, Willie's guitarist for a long time.
At least, I don't see a pick. And on other songs, he just uses thumb, so, I assume there really is no pick. He sometimes it looks just like he is using a plectrum but I don't see one. I tell ya... it is damn hard to get such an awesome full-accompaniment sound with just an acoustic guitar; this guy is really talented.
If you have an opinion on how he is getting such a percussive attack, weigh in!


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