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Epiphone Les Paul 1960 tribute guitars

Corey Watkins

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2009 Epiphone Les Paul 1960 tribute, cherry sunburst for 600$. Seller says it is a gem with the Gibson 57 pickups. Looks beautiful. 

I am waiting for it to be delivered.

Anyone not purchase this and why, seller listed at 675 plus 75 ship and tax....price down total to 717$ plus I get the hard shell case.

I hate buying a guitar I have not played right there and then. However having read up on the 57 Gibson pickups, I just said screw it and seller accepted.

Good purchase? 

I play classical guitar. My son also plays classical guitar but is quite a talented electric guitarist and I have gotten him a Jackson dinky, an epi SG-1,  and an epi vintage LP.  He and I decided these pickups were decent but want to have a go at the 57 Gibsons.  

I went to epiphone websites and it is like they want the non "1960 tribute plus" guitars to disappear.  Also 2009 being the year Les passed away I wanted this 2009 Epiphone Les Paul 1960 tribute. It is not a tribute plus but a 1960 tribute. 

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