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Replacing Fretboard on J45 from 1964 average cost?

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Hi There,

Just wondering what the "average" cost would be to repair the old fretboard on a 1960's J45 so I can get an idea before I take it to a repair shop and they try to quote me 10k (jk but you get the picture).  The neck and other parts are in good shape, that is the only thing on it that needs help from years of playing.  I would want the same wood (if anyone knows what they used in 1964 off the top of their head please let me know that as well) as a replacement.






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No luthier with any credibility would replace the entire fretboard of a vintage J-45. It's just not the right or proper thing to do for just getting rid of those divots in the fretboard that look deeper or worse than they really are. The area between the frets can be scraped down with a sharp razor blade and any remaining grooves can be filled with rosewood dust and super glue to a perfect level and shine again. If a refret is in order anyway, some luthiers might consider to plane down the entire fretboard some but even that would be considered a more extreme measure given the vintage.

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