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Hi, our non-profit was gifted a guitar I can't identify.  It is a hollow body electric, on the headstock it has the Gibson logo and the name in all caps ECTYPE.  I would attach a photo but at max size of .49MB that won't work  Anyone know anything about this guitar?  I need to place a value on it. I can email photos of it.  



ps, hey Gibson forum, no ability to upload photos?  Come on!



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It's possible this is not a real Gibson.  The headstock shape is wrong, the truss rod cover too. If you remove the truss rod cover there should be a hexagonal nut underneath, NOT an allen key socket.   I see the fret ends are not bound either.  Do the bridge posts have screw slots?  If so that is another warning sign.

I am no expert so I hope someone else can come in on this.    

To post pictures on this forum, everyone uses free internet photo-hosting sites from where you can paste links into a post. 

Best wishes!

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I am sure you are right.  in fact it is funny that if you look up the word ECTYPE in the dictionary it means a copy or an imitation.  So at least they were honest about that.  Despite the fake Gibson logo.  At first glance i had hoped EC Type meant it was an Eric Clapton model.  No such luck.

best wishes



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