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Lzzy Hale Explorer Truss rod issue


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2019 Lzzy Hale Explorer

I changed the strings on it from 10's to 9 gauge.  Once I got the strings all on, stretched and tuned up. I noticed a bow in the neck.

So, I took off the truss rod cover and put my allen key in. I didn't turn it at all because it felt like the allen wasn't the correct size.

I went to pull the allen key out and the whole truss rod came with it. The truss rod moved all the way past the string nut and stopped. (See pictures)

I got nerves as heck and pushed it back in and haven't messed with it since. 

Is this normal? Has anyone else had this issue? Is my truss rod broken? Can this be fixed?

It's a 2019 Lzzy Hale Explorer, which I've only had for about 2 weeks now. I bought it used and don't have the original receipt. I'm so bummed out and hurt over this!

Any help, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Pictures> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UDhie5JITl8_JzuYRtix00Vv49fCW-It?usp=sharing

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I'm not 100% I understand what you mean, the rod obviously shouldn't move in or out. But what I don't understand is, if you didn't put the allen key in, how did it come out with it? The allen keys supplied are usually quite a snug fit.

If possible post photos, maybe we can be of more assistance. 

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