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Kramer Pacer Carrera C3029


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Hey, I have just scored an original Kramer Pacer Carrera "Patent Pending" with case for $100 at the pawn shop. The serial number is C3029 . I just want to know what year and month, maybe which specific factory it came from? I can't find jack other than its US made and between '81-'83, heck, might be earlier . Any help?




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Your Kramer Pacer Carrera was made in  early 1983 at the original Neptune, NJ plant. 

Here was the Kramer production facility back in those days. 
The address is there on the bottom of the photo. 


The dual humbucker Pacer Carrera  was made from 1982 to 1986. 
It was around the middle of the Carrera run (after yours was made) that Kramer moved to a larger facility at 685 Neptune Boulevard, Neptune NJ.

The earlier Pacers, the Imperial,  the Special,  the Standard,  and the Custom were first produced in 1981, and fizzled out over the course of the 1980's.
The latest you might find a Standard would have been made in 1989, and sold as new in 1990. 

 I have seen Kramer Pacer Carrera's sell for over $500. 
You did well on that price. 
She just needs to be cleaned up a bit. 

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