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Assembly Line Concert


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Has anyone heard of this? Been going on since last Friday. Trying to break the world's record for continous live music.

Current record is something like 220 hours and was set recently by the Hungarians. Hungarians?

That can't stand!

These guys are going for 240 hours, but so are some folks in N.C. (we'll call them loosers). Difference is the ALC is being performed by live/real musicians playing their own instruments. Loosers are doing doing a lot of karaoke'. Seriously, karaoke'. You call that live music? Might as well have a DJ spinning records. Doesn't even compare.


Anyway, check it out -




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Some of the rules set down by the Guiness folk -


5 minute max time between performances


The same performer cannot repeat a song during the entire event. So if you only have say, an hours worth of music, you won't be able to perform more than once.


The guys running are fairly stressed as you can imagine but they are doing a bang up job. Even filling in for late artist, cancellations, no-shows. The live feed is great too-


Also as you might imagine, takes a lot of performers to fill is a continuous stream of music for 240 hours so musicians of all stripes have gotten up there. The very young, very old, very good, not so good, but a lot of great participation.

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