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  1. Sweet looking axe whatever it is 🙂
  2. At first I was thinking koa for the wood type but taking a closer look at the wood grain it looks like mahogany
  3. MikeRom


    Wow what a crazy looking guitar. While it certainly has an Epiphone name plate on the neck/body joint nothing else about it looks right. But for 80 bucks it might be fun to dink around with, looks like some serious MIDI stuff going on inside.
  4. I got this one about a year and a half ago. ES339 Pro
  5. Yeah i can see where that would be confusing. The nut securing the tuner in place, not the nut on the neck.
  6. The replacement locking tuners I got (slipshots) where also shorter than the originals but as long as the string hole is above the nut there's no problem. Locking tuners don't need a lot of room for extra winding's.
  7. That looks remarkably like my Gibson Les Paul faded. An incredible likeness -
  8. https://www.tronicaltune.com/
  9. Congrats! My pictures are on my google drive so I just copy the link and paste here. I agree with your assessment on spending big bucks on a Gibson as I have reached the same conclusion recently myself all tho if a CS-336 were to appear at my doorstep I would not be disappointed. Having owned and still own Gibson's, yeah there is a difference but is that difference worth and extra 2 or 3 grand? The neck is more of a 50's style that's why its a bit wider, you'll get used to it Mine which is a year old now was also very playable right out of the box. Where did you order from?
  10. Gonna need need to see pics as soon as you can put it down long enough. I'll start ... body1 body 2 body 3
  11. Every single guitar that I've ever picked up at guitar center did this to my fingers. They must order the extra dirty fretboard editions. I don't recall that the 339-pro I got from sweeetwater being that bad tho.
  12. Budget is the driving factor but from what you have have described look for something with a 50's neck . The other neck style is a 60's but those tend to be thinner and narrower. Epiphone is a fine choice but remember you get what you pay for so you know ... don't cheap out. Agree with the standard recommendation. After playing one I found myself wondering why I spent so much more for a Gibson.
  13. I've had trouble with the wrench fit when there is a lot of paint gunked up inside the nut. Something like that maybe going on?
  14. I have a fairly new ES 339 and yeah the tuners are weak. I'm leaning heavily towards Planet Waves auto-trim tuners and it won't break my heart if I have to drill. This is my first Epi and the first time I've ever felt the need to change tuners so sorry I can't answer your question (really helpful I know). Gibson deluxe tuners look like they would be a direct replacement .
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