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  1. I have an ES 399 and I agree that it's a really unfortunate place to put the strap button , Having a bit of a pouch, the strings face damn near downward 🙂 Beefing up the upper horn with more wood on the inside and putting the button there would be a good solution.
  2. Is it just me or did all these guitars sound remarkably similar. Maybe it was the amp and effects. I heard minor differences at best. Not that any of them sounded bad or anything, just similar.
  3. I have changed my opinion on the truss rod cover to ... leave it on! Plus I learned something new 🙂
  4. Was it me? how did you find out?
  5. It looks like a custom pro and to my eyes it's authentic except for the Gibson truss rod cover. Gibson truss rod covers never have 3 holes. If I saw that guitar for sale I would pass since the truss rod cover is obviously fake and I would wonder what else is wrong with the guitar. It bothers me more than the football helmet truthfully. Since I'm not sure I mentioned the words truss rod cover enough you know what I would replace before trying to sell it? The truss rod cover. As for resale price I would look at ebay or craigslist to get a feel of what it might go for. The helmet decal will drag down the re-sale price for sure so if that could be removed without damaging the finish it should be if your looking for top dollar. Very nice looking ax tho for sure https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ENCTAWGh--epiphone-les-paul-custom-pro-alpine-white
  6. The goal will always be the same - lowest possible action with the least amount of -or no- fret buzz. Once you get the neck relief set your only other option is to raise or lower the bridge to get that optimal setting. Don't forget to reset the intonation when you're thru. That's how I approach it anyway and how I setup my 339. That's how I setup all my guitars come to think of it. Perfect is an illusion IMO but close enough is very do-able. Have fun doing it yourself! Great way to learn
  7. That is really odd. And in a weird place. Could it be a patch for a broken/repaired neck maybe? I don't see any obvious evidence of a break but that was my first thought.
  8. My new favorite -
  9. Get explanation nighthawkchris. I studied electronics engineering and it seemed to me that's the way pots should work but as mine doesn't I concluded that it must be the wrong type (liner vs audio). Didn't occur to me that it may be just a crappy pot.
  10. Or when you accidentally post the same topic twice?
  11. Anybody else hate it when you click on a post to read it then realize that it's from revolution 6?
  12. Anybody else hate it when you click on a post to read it then realize that it's from revolution 6?
  13. My gibby les paul standard is like this too. If i wasn't so lazy I'd change them out to the audio taper pots. I'm more worried tho about making a change that could affect the character of the sound.
  14. He/she can really kill a post whenever he/she comments. Just ruins the whole thing. BAN!
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