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  1. I know it's trivial but I have to say that I love the black SGs. Very sharp!
  2. Casso


    Absolutely beautiful!!! Well done!
  3. Not a whole lot to add here except that I love my SG very much! It's a plain regular Standard and it's light, love the pus and love the neck access. Can't say I've had issues with neck bending etc. I play a lot of jazzy blues with extended chord turnarounds etc and everything sounds fine (except the quality of playing sometimes!!:)
  4. Casso

    small ES335

    Hi there. Sorry! I was sick the last few days with a bad cold and didn't get into the laptop at all. Many thanks for this info. Gonna check it out. Cheers!
  5. Casso

    small ES335

    Many thanks!!
  6. Casso

    small ES335

    Hi everyone. I can't remember the model number of the smaller body ES335. I have an Ibanez version up inj Canada which, if I recall, is an AM200, but I am interested in getting hold of the Gibson small body version. Many thanks!!
  7. Very cool! And no doubt there is a thematic thread tying all of the lyric ideas together.
  8. Well, I'm thinking I should be able to find a regular tailpiece as a replacement?
  9. I have an Epi Swingster with a Bigsby on it. I want to remove the Bigsby. Is this a) possible b) straightforward? Many thanks!!
  10. Casso

    Discontinued lines

    I have an LP Lite and I like it very much.
  11. I play my Blues Junior with nothing else - no pedals. Not to say I would never use a pedal with it - I have used various things such as Chorus and O/D etc in the past. But I have to say I truly love playing through the amp as is, especially with my LP and an Epi hollowbody that I have. It sounds very rich and deep to me although I certainly do not have miles and years of amp experience.
  12. Casso

    Discontinued lines

    I never heard of Reverb. Is it a new place? I took a quick peek and looks very interesting! Many thanks!
  13. I don't play live anymore, I mostly play/practice unplugged - noodling - and that works most of time ok. At weekends, though, I plug in and I have two small amps. One is a Fender Blues junior which I love and the other is a Vox Valvetronix which I just picked up and am getting used to. It is what they call a 'modeling' amp which is new to me but is surely is a lot of fun! The Blues Junior is 15w and the Vox is 20 but they both sound very cool at lower volumes in the den. Just my 10c worth!
  14. So, I have an ES137 which I bought in 2012, I believe it was, and a LP Supreme from 2013. Both of these guitars are in storage in Canada while I live / work down here in Houston. On a trip home recently I brought the Supreme back with me and then, out of interest, looked on the the site to see what they cost nowadays. I was surprised to discover that they are no longer made. Did a little research and discovered they stopped making them in - I think - 2017. And so then I looked for my 137 and found that they are discontinued as well. My question is: Does Gibson discontinue models due to the simple reason that they were not selling well enough, or is there some other reason such as wanting to have a finite number of these models? My dream is to one day own a 175 but I see that they are not made anymore either. And I would have thought that the 175 would have been a very popular model! Sorry for the long windedness of my post!
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