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  1. I don't have a favorite Beatles album. I have favorite songs from all across their time together. Also, I believe that, for me, a great deal of what I feel about their stuff is wrapped up in nostalgia for that time and place. I grew up in the NE of England through the 60's into the 70's.
  2. Hi all. Hope everyone had a great Christmas etc!! Still figuring how to get pics of the new baby onto the site here but it is a standard ES 339 VS. And I love it! I mean, I love it. It is very comfortable. I have a JSM 20 which is the Ibanez John Scofield full size semi-hollow, which also sounds very good BUT not noticeable better than this little machine. And the Ibanez is so much bigger and heavier, and was twice as expensive. I'm sure the Gibson 339 is a nice instrument but this here is going to be more than sufficient for a good while. Anyway, hope everybody got what they wanted on the day
  3. I ordered through Amazon but the actual supplier was Michael R Whiting, who is, apparently, a new supplier. As I mentioned, I was not impressed with the outer box. I have ordered guitars before from Amazon and the packing was much more solid and secure. But that said, the inner packing, the actual guitar box etc was pretty decent.
  4. (Unofficial) NGD! So, the package arrived today, which was several days earlier than I had anticipated. The guitar is meant to be a Christmas gift from the missus and she said, Well, fine. Put it under the tree (which we just brought home this morning and went through the usual annual torture getting it into the stand and set up to where she can then - because I'm not allowed to take part, because I apparently have little or no artistic savvy with regard to decorating a tree - start loading the ornaments) until the big day. Problem is, I really wanted to check it out in case there were an
  5. Nice! Yep. If mine looks as good as these shots I'll be well happy!!!
  6. Hi all. Just ordered for Christmas a new ES 339, Vintage Sunburst. Very excited! My question is, Anything in particular I need to look out for? I have other guitars, I'm half decent at set ups but I have never had a semi-hollow until now. Many thanks, and all the best for the hols!!
  7. I know it's trivial but I have to say that I love the black SGs. Very sharp!
  8. Casso


    Absolutely beautiful!!! Well done!
  9. Not a whole lot to add here except that I love my SG very much! It's a plain regular Standard and it's light, love the pus and love the neck access. Can't say I've had issues with neck bending etc. I play a lot of jazzy blues with extended chord turnarounds etc and everything sounds fine (except the quality of playing sometimes!!:)
  10. Casso

    small ES335

    Hi there. Sorry! I was sick the last few days with a bad cold and didn't get into the laptop at all. Many thanks for this info. Gonna check it out. Cheers!
  11. Casso

    small ES335

    Hi everyone. I can't remember the model number of the smaller body ES335. I have an Ibanez version up inj Canada which, if I recall, is an AM200, but I am interested in getting hold of the Gibson small body version. Many thanks!!
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