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  1. It's personal preference. Personall I never liked them bumhuckers. IMO P90's are what humbuckers should have been.
  2. I too would go with the AC4 given your choices above but a 1x12 is still quite sizeable. I use a Quilter Overdrive 200, a 200 watt head that weighs 4 lbs and is smaller than your average hand bag. I can connect it to any cab but usually bring my 1x12. It sounds equally good at 2 or 200 watts. If I could choose freely to recommend something, I'd recommend a Quilter Mini 101 with a 1x10 or a ZT Lunchbox Junior.
  3. It seems so. They make a big deal about the other one being hand wired with an orange drop.
  4. Mine has "2019 Model" on the back of the headstock but it was manufactured in October 2018. It has the PCB board.
  5. Those things wouldn't concern me either, just make sure the price reflects the condition. If it ends up being a piece of carbon instead of a diamond, you may want to flip it again 😉
  6. I can't help you on the differences between models but I can tell you that replacing a lost gem is difficult, even more so when you can't play the replacement first. If the one you got rid of was a diamond in the rough it was probably not because it was a mid 70's model, it was just a good guitar and good guitars can be found from any era. Regarding the one you are looking at, the piezo pickup lowers the value, so do the full size humbuckers if it originally had something else. Has it been routed to accomodate the full size HB's?
  7. It's none of those things, just a flexible neck. I adjusted my technique so it's not an issue anymore 🙂
  8. Cerb


    That's purrrty! Congratulations!
  9. It's an old thread but maybe the information is useful anyway. Those pickups look like Seymour Duncan P-Rails. They are a combo of the Hot Rail and P90 pickups. The switch (if connected the way it's intended) will let you swithch between humbucker, single coil or P90. SD also have an additional pickup frame to go with these pickups, where there is a switch built into the frame. Having one for each pickup would let you set your pickups to any combination.
  10. This is my second SG. I used to dislike SG's for a long time, I had never played one so I must have based my dislike on looks. One day something snapped and I was thinking "man those look rather cool", so I got a used 2005 SG Special Faded, it was a good guitar (no flexi-neck) but I've never gotten along with humbuckers, they are not my tyoe of sound. This 2019 SG Special (P90's) however, is magical. Light, resonant, superb fret access and there are these shimmering harmonics that makes the hair onbyour arms stand up. Heck, I'll even change my technique to play it 😄
  11. Yeah. I had to adapt my technique.
  12. I did some googling and it's apparently pretty common, with some SG's being more extreme than others, mine seems to be on the extreme side. Your solution won't work for me, applying pressure to the body and counter it with pressure on the neck is exactly what causes it to bend out of tune. I must be very careful to only apply thumb pressure and leave the neck neutral. It's a bit troublesome since my arm, when resting on the body of the guitar, makes the neck shift away from my body while my hand holds on to the neck. This makes it go sharp. Very little pressure is required. My solution was to shift the guitar over to the right so that it hangs on my right hip instead of below my chest. Resting my arm on the body only holds it in place then, without shifting the neck outwards. I looked up pictures of SG players on line and many seem to sling it that way.
  13. So yesterday I was playing Purple rain onbthe SG and noticed that some chords sounded aweful. The chords are voiced so that there are some pretty long stretches and the position I have to take in order to reach put some pressure on the neck, this bends the chords out of tune. It doesn't take any more pressure than for me to rest ny right arm on the body while fretting a chord, so the neck seems to be pretty flexible. I figured it out eventually but had to change technique and how I hold the guitar. It seems this is a pretty common "feature" on SG's and my question is; have your SG forced you to change your technique? Do you play your SG differently than other guitars?
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