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"Inspired by Michael Bloomfield" '59 Les Paul......;>O

charlie brown

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Just got an e-mail, from Gibson, talking about the

perfect "working musician's guitar!" (Les Paul

Studio Mahogany)...but, among the other "tid bits,"

there's an article about how to achieve Michael

Bloomfields "Tone!" And, in that is a link to the

new Gibson "Inspired by Michael Bloomfield" '59

Les Paul Standard. LIST price $14,115


YEOOOW! I always wondered why Gibson had ignored

Michael, for so long, but I didn't dream that when they

did make a "inspired by," of his...it would cost THAT much! LOL!


You know, I love my Gibson guitars...ALL of them! But, I'm

sorry...collector's item, or not...that's a "giggle!!"...IMHO.



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