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Gibson Mach 1?


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Hey guys, I'm new here. I post as MetalHeadMat on all forums so if you see me somewhere else then yes, it's the same guy :P+:-@


So today after a falling out with an ESP, I went to my local music store and they had a very worn down Gibson strat shaped guitar, set neck (I believe), Gibson Licensed Floyd Rose, Made In The U.S.A. engraved in the back of the headstock like screw you! The price for it was $550 and I'm seriously considering it, but I call back later and asked for the name of it (didn't occur me to ask there). The guy says it's called a Gibson Mach 1. Now I'm trying to google how much these are, what there specs are and such, and I can't find anything about it, unfortunately I have no pictures till monday, so I can't really show you. But it's basically a metallic red set neck strat body with a Gibson Explorer Headstock.


Can anyone help me find some specs for it?

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Seems like the guys at the guitar store were wrong. This is the Gibson U-2 (or Gibson US-2). The one shown in the picture is actually a 1988 showcase edition (kinda like a Guitar of the Month thing). I had already posted some info on this model, but I can't find that thread no more, and since I feel kinda lazy and tired at the moment (it's 4 a.m. here and I need to go to bed), here's a couple of links to help you out (btw, these are the information I posted on that other thread):


Gibson US-1

Gibson US-2


I hope they are of some help!


One love star

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MetalHeadMat, if you don't go get it, I WILL! D...n you're so lucky... it's impossible to find like that at shops in Greece... f.... noobs, we can barely find an SG Special (and the one's we do are way overpriced, and that's why I get all my guitars from Germany...:- ). Anyways, enjoy your soon-to-be new guitar!


PS: When and if you do get it, could you please tell me what brand the vibrato bridge is? Thanks in advance man!

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When I was reading it, it said Licensed Under Floyd Rose Patents (Same as my Jackson) and on the side it said Gibson, that's it :S


Also that sucks bout notfinding non-overpriced Gibson's in greece, just the other day I found an SG Special at that store, it was beautiful :)

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I had this picture saved in my computer but i dont know anything about the model.



a friend of mine has a 1988 Gibson-Charvel showcase edition WRC, it's like that but with kahler trem and EMG PUs (probably someone who had it before put them on)

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