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Why are there no Rivoli Bass’???


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I'd love to see a nice reissue, too.  My guess is Epiphone probably doesn't think there's much of a market for a semi hollow bass outside of the Jack Casady (which is virtually the only modern era Epiphone one sees being played professionally with any regularity).

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Guitar and bass inventory of all types is low right now. Perhaps what I should have said was maybe Epiphone thinks a Rivoli will cannibalize sales of the JCB. If it doesn't result in more overall sales, the expense if tooling up for it may not be worth it. Casady sales continue to get more profitable each year as the investment in tooling up for it was made long ago. That keeps the price lower for players, too. It's virtually the only Epiphone product widely used professionally, so perhaps they want to ensure its continued use and resultant exposure in media for the good of the overall brand. I'm not saying that's good thinking or not, but having worked in corporate environments for many years, I can tell you that is certainly an argument a marketing exec would make. Epiphone had a Rivoli reissue planned five or six years ago. It was on their press site, but it was canceled for sone reason. Again, I'd love to see a Rivoli reissue. I'm only an occasional bass player, have a JCB, but would like to have a Rivoli just for kicks.

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The Casino is widely used by Professionals also… They are my main Guitars.. That may be partly why I want a Rivoli. It would be a comfortable transition going back & forth. Also, I like the looks of the Rivoli, it looks much like a Casino.. If they are also light weight that would make it even more appealling.. I’m tired of my 10 1/2 lb P Bass. My shoulder is tired of it too..

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