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Emperor Regent control questions


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I normally play my Regent un-plugged, but when using my Blues Jr, it had some odd behaviors:

The volume pot seems to be the knob at the lower end of the pick guard, and the tone control is at the top, which seems backwards to me.

In addition, the volume has less effect on the loudness than the tone does, which also seems backwards to me. I did confirm by removing the pick guard that the tone cap is on the top control pot, so it appears that is the way they came stock, or maybe mine was modified? I think it is stock but would like to confirm that. Does anyone here have a schematic of how they were wired?  


The tone I get is very nice but it takes a bit of fiddling around to get it as the controls don't seem to work like most other guitars and the range they work in is very narrow (linear instead of audio taper pots may be the problem, but I have not confirmed that).


Any insight is appreciated.



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You might want to call Epiphone Customer service.  Or, the manufacturer of the pickup system if you can identify it.  Or, perhaps contact a luthier to fix or rewire the system  or replace it.  If you are the original owner, check with Epiphone Customer Service if it can fixed the beer warrantee.  Just my suggestions.


QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff

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