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I need something new to care my guitars I just wanted to buy this kit in a shop. But now I'm not sure is it safe for my guitars. The description states that is designed for old guitars with nitro cellulose finishes. I have two guitars. One is Epiphone Thunderhorse Explorer and second which I use less often is Charvel CX390. I hardly found one specification for my explorer that states that actually it has nitrocellulose finishes so as I understand I can safely use this kit. Here is it: https://www.rainbowguitars.com/guitar/epiphone/thunderhorse-explorer-ltd-edition/EDTHSBNH3/GB But what about my Charvel? and what about other guitars? Are there any contradictions? 
Thnx for help

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Generally -

Guitars usually have nitro or poly or some kind of varnish finishes. Nitro is the most delicate one which can be easily ruined. 

The other types are much harder-wearing and not too different from wood furniture finishes.

However alcohol or abrasive-based cleaners should not be used on any of these finishes IMO.   It may be ok on a dirty (unvarnished) fretboard though.

Forum members please correct me if I'm wrong. 

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