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I dont even know where to start

Ken Rone

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Particularly confusing is that the output transformer to the speaker is not shown in the photos I have looked at, I see it in the schematics but not in the position on top of the chassis (centrally). I don't know how to test it and don't know its specifications if I have to replace it. The same holds true for most of the other stuff too. I do have all 4 tubes but again don't know if they are any good and how to test them.


gibson (1).jpg

gibson 2.jpg

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Not sure what model that is, but the output transformer is probably the thing on top of the chassis that's wired to the speaker.  I'm assuming those wires are connected to the speaker.

The best way to test it out is stick some tubes in there and fire it up and see if it's working.  Any sound?  Do the tubes light up?

Trying to refurbish those things is a little tricky.  You can test it out on the bench like that.  Just keep the output transformer wired to the speaker whenever the amp is on to protect the output transformer.  In order to test the transformer for continuity and shorts, you'd have to disconnect all the wires and apply some AC voltage to one set and see what AC is on the other set.  That's not something you can do unless you have a variac.

Best thing to do first is stick the tubes in and fire it up and go from there.

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