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1962 gibson les paul Sg needs HELP!!!!

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This guitar needs help!!! This is how i obtained the guitar (complete with all parts but broken) neck pocket needs reconstruction. Any advise? Should i take it to a furniture repair store? I cant afford the most likely expensive custom shop restoration. Any advice would be great!!! Someone sadly used screws as evident by holes left by previous owner.









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No, please no to furniture repair store.   This guitar does need a lot of work to restore it.  I imagine it would cost more than you paid.

Your pics are good enough so that you could search for guitar repairmen on the net, send the pics through and ask for a quote.  Also ask how it would be repaired.

Beware the very cheapest quote if you get one that is far less than others.  This is not something to skimp on if it is a 1962 Gibson......but as you obviously know, this level of by-hand craftsman repair work is time-consuming and expensive.  If you cannot afford this....might be easier to sell.  A guitar that old must have a history and deserves to be restored IMO!  The rest of the neck and board looks ok but I can't see any binding. 


Looks like the tailpiece also needs work, and some comparatively minor damage up at the nut.

Best wishes.

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