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Mystery SG-3 Special/Custom


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Looking for help for identifying this (probably modded) SG. The current owner knows nothing about it.  I want to assume it's a "Faded" SG3 from 2007 in white, as the serial number shows but also the fact the serial is still white and the guitar likely sanded back to mahogany and stained. Back of the neck has traces of white too. But the switch and 4-knob setup seems "off",  nevermind the fact that as far as I know, all of the 2006-2008 Faded's had one volume, one tone, and a 6-way "chicken head" selector switch. 

Also, the pickup covers are wrong for that model but obviously an easy install at a later date. But check out the middle pickup, and the current owner has a Seymour Duncan in bridge position.





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It could be a SG Special Faded 3-Pickup, as you guessed. Adding two extra knobs is much easier than stripping the entire guitar. The finish remaining inside the control cavity supports that. If you open it up, you will probably find that there is no finish around the original pots and switch location, but there is for the two additional.

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Thanks! I’ve seen a Special Faded with a 3way toggle, but not with extra knobs. I have no issue with these mods, if it’s an oem 3pup guitar. I can solder a 6-way rotary in, and 3 volumes seems like a good idea too. Kinda hard to put a price/value on it though, as it sits now. 

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