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Neck width taper on Gibson electrics


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I've noticed that some Gibson necks get pretty wide as they approach the 22nd fret. The distance between the high E string and the edge of the fretboard seems to get bigger as you move up the neck towards the body. Fender necks appear to do this as well, but not as much as Gibsons. I've played a few Gibsons where the neck got too wide on the higher frets and it was kind of annoying stretching my pinky to reach the low E string. I know most Gibsons have a nut width of 1 11/16, but I'm curious about the other end of the fretboard.

Is there a standard width at the 22nd fret on modern Gibsons or does it vary quite a bit? Given a nut width of 1 11/16, I wonder what a good width at the end of the fretboard is so that it's not excessively wide but you're also not worried about falling off the fretboard. 

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That taper is not something I have measured but I have big issues with E strings too close to edges (I have heard this area of fingerboard referred to as 'the reveal').  I cannot play Fender Teles for this reason. 

I know my 339 studio was just a few thou narrower (than other 339s) at the upper level for some reason. This was shown on the Gibson site. So variation does occur. However, Gibson do list this.

Here is an example on a 335: Note under neck specs it gives the End of Board Width as 2.26" / 57.404mm



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