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Help identifying MHS pickups Neck/Bridge


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I recently purchased a set of Gibson MHS pickups taken out of a Les Paul ES guitar. I am putting them in my 339, which came used with P-90's that I did not like. The MHS pickups have no markings as to which is neck or bridge. I have read they use different magnets. One reads 7.94k and the other 7.61k. Another clue is I can tell one of them had the ground wire that comes from the stop tail pice soldered to the shielding, because a piece of it is still there, so this to me suggests it was in the bridge position, because on my CS 339 that is where the ground wire attaches. So if anyone knows, does the LP ES also use a ground wire soldered to the braided shielding on the bridge pickup wire? This would confirm to me that is the bridge pickup, which is also slightly hotter on the meter. Thanks in advance!

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