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Help with a ES-125 TC


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Hey all, new here and already done the introduction post. I just got my first Gibson last week, 1964 ES-125 TC Cherry Burst. Its not completely original but was in pretty good shape for the year.  Just need a couple of recommendations. I am new to arch tops and the floating bridge. I was kind of blown away on how low the action was and just some of the other items, this is also my first vintage axe also. Not pleased with the strings on it and looking for a suggestion or two. I was told that the wiring was redone and that the P90 in there now is an Epiphone. The guy said it measured in the low 7's. I tend to like P90's on the hot side 8+, so that is the other recommendation I am looking for.  If I can water down one of my photos, I will get it posted up. 

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Upload your pics to a file/photo sharing site and then copy and paste the link they give, into your post.

A couple of ES 125 owners recently posted-

And -

Strings;  what's on there, steel or tapewound?  Wound 3rd?

I really like DR Blues Handmade (steel) and Thomastik-Infeld (tapewound) strings.  But they're more expensive than EBs or whatever.

For P90s regular or hot, check Lindy Fralin - Seymour Duncan - Kent Armstrong - Lollar.

Good luck!


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