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SPEED OF LIGHT- Song about drivin thru the Grapevine Pass,north of LA


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Greetings for 2023!    Years ago I was drivin south from the SF bay area on I-5 freeway  on my way to visit folks in AZ,,and as you get close to LA from the north side,,you come opon an area called   "Grapevine Pass"  which is a  portion of the  SAN Bernadino  mountain  range and into the LA  basin/city limits zone.  And its a beautiful drive thru,,so   2 weeks ago I  remembered this trip and decided to pen+ record  a tune about it.   I used  my trusty  84'  Kramer Stryker Gtr  w/  Gibson  PAF  pickups.   Tascam  24 trk  Sure  SM57 mics   Digitech processors .   Keep rockin 2023!             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UruA3oukI90                                         


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15 hours ago, Rene Asologuita said:

Lovely playing, and very nice song.

Your playing is so skilled and your tone is very cool.

Love this recording.


Why thank you sir,,enjoy your work as well.  The "tone" on this Kramer is due to a 1970's  PAF in the bridge,,and Seymour Duncans in the other spots.   Ive had this axe for close to 27 years,,and wouldnt trade it for anything.

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