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Monel Retros on Hummingbird. Anyone Try Them?

Joe M

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  • Joe M changed the title to Monel Retros on Hummingbird. Anyone Try Them?

Have the Monel Retro Strings also on my J-45 but no other Gibson Acoustics tried. Sound different than bronze strings, the sound characteristics of the guitar changes a bit, the appearance clearly. Somehow the "freshness" is missing with the Monel strings, although chord playing works well. Anyway, after the test I put back on 80/20 or phosphor bronze strings.

I also tried the Monel Retros as a 0.13 set on my Martin D-28 and HD-28 guitars. I played them for a while and here it fits better than on the J-45, maybe because the Martins have more of a "bathtub EQ" tuning. I could live with that, but in the end I mounted Martin Bronze strings again.

Basically, the Monel Retro strings are very playable from the feel and they have lasted longer with me than bronze strings. I could imagine them well on jazz guitars without pickup. 

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actually use them on my 2010 Hummingbird- tames the high just a bit- but I go back and forth between D'Addario PB lights and the Retros- might try the D'Addario SX next......the

Retros do seem to take some clarity out so it depends on your playing style..........also I gig quite a bit and the retros do last.......

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