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2005….50’s Les Paul?

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Hey, help me get some info on this Les Paul!

I found a 2005 Gibson Les Paul in satin finish, serial number 00215555.  That’s it.  That’s all the info the shop has on it.

Here’s what I can attest to.  It looks like Slash’s Appetite burst Les Paul but before it was actually a production model.  (I don’t think the Slash Appetite burst was a thing in 2005, but I may be wrong.).   It has vintage pearloid tuners, zebra pickups, the neck is kinda hefty but not as much as a ‘59 R9 that was sitting next to it.  It’s also roughly about as heavy as the ‘59.  It appears somewhat reliced on the back and neck.  Has a satin finish and has a fantastic flame top, a la the aforementioned Appetite burst.  Same color as well.  Kind of a honeyburst.

Does anyone know exactly what this is?  Just a regular old Standard?  A 50’s model?  A mutt?  Are the pickups standard or after market? Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?


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