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Baretta Special - Not what I expected from Kramer.


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So I recently purchased a new Baretta Special (white) directly from Gibson website, arrived in 2 days..great..so far..

Upon opening the box I noticed the nut was hanging half off the neck, only held on by the strings. Looking at it closer it was installed with a single drop of glue from the factory which obviously did not hold. So I glued it back in place, re-strung the guitar and plugged it in to tune. I immediately noticed the feel of the neck was just basically raw wood, I have been around and remember the Kramer's in the 80's that came out of the ESP factory had a beautiful amber high gloss finish to the back of the necks, this was not like that at all, this was more like one of those cheap Chinese necks you can get on Ebay for $50 bucks ! 

So I tuned and started playing and could tell right away the zebra humbucker lacked quality, no clarity at all, just noisy and generally poor sounding....I did like the Body but that was about the ONLY redeeming quality of this whole guitar, I have to say, I thought Gibson taking over the Kramer name would have been a good thing for quality but I dont see that at all, the hardware and electronics are junk, the manufacturing made in Indonesia is poor and lacks effort...

Expected more from you Gibson !!

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Did you provide this feedback to Gibson/Kramer customer support?

This Gibson web forum isn't guaranteed to be frequented by any Gibson or Kramer executives.
But a feedback message directly to the source might help them to ponder some changes in their QC.


You could also return the guitar under warranty and get your money back.



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