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Custom 1967 ES-355TD Stereo?


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Hello everyone, I'm writing this post to ask you a question regarding a guitar that someone close to me gave me as a gift, an ES-355TD Stereo. 
I have been told that it is a custom made guitar (factory order), and I'm not sure it's right; I don't know much on vintage Gibsons, my only two other Gibsons are a Les Paul Slash Signature vermillion and a SG, which have both been produced much more recently. I looked up the guitar's serial number on an online search engine, which just says that the instrument has been made in the Kalamazoo plant in Michigan in 1967, but that's just about all of the decisive information I was able to find online. 

As you'll see from the pics that I've attached, this beautiful guitar isn't equipped with a bigsby-style tremolo, but with a fixed arch anchoring the strings instead; aside from that, every other component seems identical to every other picture that I've found online. The serial number (in case the picture doesn't show it clearly enough) is 055529.
In your expert opinion, is this beautiful guitar really a custom made one? 
Thank you for your time and attention.

Best regards,

Guitar's pictures


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Hi Marco,

I have a 1969 ES-335 and I had a 1966 as well so I've done a lot of research on ES guitars from the late 1960's. Yours is not a 1967. It is from the early 1970's, likely a 1973 based on the serial number but Gibson serial numbers were really messed up in this time period so 1973 is not definite.  Your photo of the back of the headstock clearly shows a volute at the top of the back of the neck. Volutes did not exist before mid 1970. Also the label inside the f-hole, purple and white rectangle, were started being used in late 1970.  All 1960's Gibson ES models had an orange oval sticker inside the upper f-hole. Also there were no "Made in USA" stamped on the rear of the headstock in 1960's models. This also started in 1970. The only years with a six digit serial number starting with zero are 1967 and 1973. The volute, rectangular label and stamped "Made in USA" make 1967 impossible. The "2" stamped above the serial number indicates it was a factory second, most likely due to a finish flaw or some other minor cosmetic issue. There was no Custom Shop back then so it is likely a regular production model. If it was a custom order it is unlikely to be a factory second. The tuners and the trapeze tailpiece look to be not original. Looks to be in great shape for its age. 

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