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Did Gibson make an Arlo Guthrie 3/4 lg-2 in 2020 that was x braced?


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A build that recent you might have luck calling Gibson CS.   A google came up with several vendors (Reverb, musician’s friend, zzounds) with references from the 2000 aughts-2012 for this guitar mentioning only ladder bracing, and nothing from 2020.  I checked the wayback machine briefly for the 2020 catalog and didn’t see any Arlos that year, or even 3/4s in the hits I got.   I wonder if whoever told you 2020 either has the serial number wrong, or just mis-stated the bracing?  In my googling, I think I came across the Reddit post with the reference to x bracing you may have seen, and I think the wording there was awkward.  The thread morphs into LGs as a class.  I can read it as he was saying the full size LG2 was reissued in 2020 as an X braced as distinguished from the earlier 3/4 s which were all ladder.  But again, the context is kinda confusing.  

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