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Replacement speaker for '57(?) GA-20T

Ken K

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I have a fantastic GA-20T circa 1957.  It has a non-original speaker that I'd like to replace.  I have two questions:

- Was the original speaker a Jensen P12R 25Watt Alnico?  If so, I'm thinking of getting the modern replacement for it, but my amp isn't listed on the Jensen vintage amp list.  Is that the correct Jensen replacement?  Any alternatives to consider that would be faithful to the original?

- The speaker in the amp has no label or anything else that identifies the manufacturer.  It looks to be a ceramic speaker, with a stamp that reads "TRAK-12R" and a serial number 1098803.  I've had no success looking it up on the internet.  Any ideas for figuring out what it is?

Ken Karnofsky

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The originals did use Jensen P12R speakers, as far as I can tell.  They had the output transformer mounted on the speaker.  Is that what's going on here?  The code 1098803, if that's the EIA code, that would be Ameican Condenser Corp, dated 3rd week of 1988.  That's not a manufacturer I recognize.

If the OT is on the speaker, then you'd just install the old OT on the new speaker and then install the speaker into the cabinet.

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