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Harmonica Bridgr Mounting

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Hey all. I’m a new guy when it comes to rebuilding guitars, and im trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong with the bridge on my 1978 L6-S. I put the bridge mount posts in the body and when I try to unscrew the tiny screws that hold the bridge to the posts, they won’t budge. Probably something super simple tjat my brain is not figuring out. Can you advise please? If you need  pics of what I’m talking about just let me know ! Thanks! Brandon 


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Yes pics would be good.

You need to have an internet image-hosting account (free) with Imgur or Postimage, someone like that. You upload your photos to that, then copy the 'direct link' provided and paste it into your post on this site.  

Are the screws seized in the bridge? It may be that a squirt of WD40 or similar would help.

Best wishes.

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