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After a brief hiatus from this forum I’m back. Due to some medical issues with my wife’s health I had to sell my three Gibsons. They were a Songwriter, SJ200 and  a J 35. I’m now determined to get them back. I’ll start with the less expensive J35, then to the Songwriter. I doubt I’ll ever be able to obtain an SJ200

Hope to re-educate myself and relearn from this forum.


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Hi Dennis, nice to meet you.  Just mentioning, I recently bought and returned a Songbird Deluxe, the early name for the SW, to the GC near me here in Minnesota.  It’s priced a bit less than a new J 35, and being 20 years old, has a nice open tone. Depending on old yours was, it may sound similar?  I liked it in the store, but when I got it home I found it just didn’t bring anything new to my group, and went a different direction.  It does have a faint pick stain low on the bout, but I was going to call it “patina.” Anyway, it was still there yesterday when we were looking around.  


It looks like there is another in Washington, that just price dropped to match, perhaps without the stain.   

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