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I'm thinking about getting the 70's Explorer in Antique White. 

I had a chance to go look at one and hold it in my hands and was disappointed to see it looked like some paint had been missed on part of the headstock.  Binding work on and around the neck was acceptable and that's usually the first thing I look at.  Most concerning was it looked like there was a minor clear line in the finish close to the nut...kind of looked like an eyelash got sealed into the clear finish but it was probably the start of one of those nitro finish checks that run in lines.

I understand it's a handmade instrument and it's important to see the actual guitar you are planning to buy because there are no two identical snowflakes.  I had to drive an hour and 30 minutes to see this one.  The next stores that have one in stock are 2+ hours from me and even then, there are only about 4 in total within "reasonable" drive.  The retailer does say they have online order availability but my concern is, if I order an Explorer and it comes in...and I get a chance to inspect it...and I know the store has a no hassle return policy...still leaves me with the question...what are the chances I'm actually going to get one without a glaring imperfection?

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14 hours ago, Eracer_Team said:

The line on the nut is the nitro finish “cut” line where the paint masking tape is.

its nitro over the nut as it’s a time to mask the nut

I have noticed that marking on Gibsons and always wondered what it was, thanks for clarifying that.  The mark I was mentioning on the Explorer I saw was definitely not as such although in the same general area.  

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